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Simple Moon Lamp Light Buying Guide  In 2020 ( Detailed Reviews & Ratings)

Simple Moon Lamp Light Buying Guide In 2020 ( Detailed Reviews & Ratings)

 Moonlight can provide you a sense of relaxation and also lift your mood. Well to say that moonlight removes anxiety and creates a romantic mood in your room.

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In the absence of moonlight, you can still enjoy the benefits of moonlight via moonlight lamp.

Moonlight lamp provides you the same sense of joy and feeling of comfort that you get in the presence of moonlight.


We can say that the moonlight lamp can reshape your mind. Moon lamp looks pretty much amazing and gives a charming look and feel to bedrooms.

Due to their peculiar functionality and outstanding features sometimes choosing the best moon lamp can be a little bit cumbersome.

Now I’ll be discussing the top 19 beautiful moonlight can get an inspiration:


1. 3D Moon Lamp


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This phenomenal moon lamp creates the sensation of the actual appearance of the moon.

This extra-ordinary feature in this moonlight is because cutting edge 3D print technology is being deployed in the manufacturing of this lamp.


3D moon light lamp


It possesses the capability to radiate moonlight with a precise 660-degree beam angle.

The beam of light radiated from this lamp is within the range of 300k warm white and 600k cool white.

Why You Should Buy?  

  • If offers a huge battery backup. If you use it for an hour once a night, every night, with half brightness. It lasts 9 days with that setting.
  • While charging, it radiates a faint red light at its base which may sound pretty obnoxious to someone.
  • Extremely big size! It is somewhere in between the size of a basketball and antelope.      

  However, it provides an overall enjoyable lighting experience. It is not perfect, but its flaws don’t diminish the worth or value of heavenly glow it provides. 


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2. Moon City Lamp

 Moon city lamp is the most revolutionary night lamp of 2019 and provides you the privilege to print a picture that you want to make your beloved ones delighted with this charming and unique gift.

Moon city lamp

This moon lamp is delicately crafted by 3D printing technology and also incorporated brightness adjustment feature through a touch function. 


Why You Should Buy?  

  • This moon lamp comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a computer/mobile power or charging adapter.
  • It is made up of biodegradable and renewable material
  • It can be a fantastic creative gift for occasions like Christmas, a birthday party, anniversary, etc.
  • Available in variable sizes like 4.7’’ and 5.9’’.

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  1. Cracked Moon Lamp

cracked moon

Lighten your entire room in a cool, cosmic way through our cracked moon lamp. This moon lamp pretty much resembles the real moon with the addition of a unique cracked pattern across its surface.

It provides its users highest customization facility to choose between the 3-color touch-sensitive or 7-color remote control


Why You Should Buy?  

  •  It is made up of plastic material
  • It provides the facility to choose between 8cm or 15cm diameter.
  • It comes with its wooden base.
  • It includes a rechargeable USB cable with it.

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  1.  Desk Moon Light Lamp

Desk moon light

 This moon lamp has incorporated advanced LED lighting build to provide the lamp remarkable glow for about 50000 hours over without ever need to change the bulb.

The arm of this lamp is made up of Silicon which is lighter in weight and provides high durability to its the consumer and also it is soft, safe, and cool in touch

Why You Should Buy?  

  • Offers better lighting and consumes less energy – with just 4 watts it provides 650 lux brightness that sounds a pretty much amazing
  •  Meet the everyday requirement and needs of the customer
  •  Ensures eye-safety of its users by providing them the flexibility of 3 color settings, gradual dimming, and 1-hour power off timer     

* Gooseneck lamp head is 180 degrees bendable due to this peculiar feature it facilitates the light focus precisely on the point where you need it. 

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  1. Floating Moon Lamp

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 This Floating Moon lamp leverages a magnetic levitation technique to make the moon float above the base without any support.

This lamp radiates warm and romantic light and the best decoration for home, hotels, restaurants, and bedrooms, etc.

This light lamp floats and spins automatically in the air without any support or contact.

To make this moonlight high-resolution look, it utilizes 3D printing technology and printed a high-resolution scan of the original moon.

Why You Should Buy?  

  • Provides the flexibility to change the colors by just pressing the tap button
  • Consists of the wood base
  • It is made up of ABS material
  • It comes with a moon lamp, power supply, and adopter
  • Easy to install and operate 
  • It tranquilizes the whole atmosphere through the soft white light radiating from it.
  • Brings the magic of the universe into your home

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  1. Storefyi Moon Lamp

 This moon is considered as a symbol of joy and happiness throughout human history. Through properly utilizing 3Dprinting technology to print layer by layer to give the illusion of the actual appearance of the moon.

Why You Should Buy?  

  • 20cm in diameter
  • It is made up of non-toxic, odorless, and environment-friendly material
  • 240 mah built-in battery, the lamp can work 30 hours on full charging
  • Easy to install and operate     
  • It provides the flexibility to change the color.


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7. Moon Key Chain


Moon Light Key Chain - Storefyi™

You’ll get mesmerized by the excitement of glowing moon with our moonlight. This key chain has the peculiar functionality of glowing in the dark which makes it possible for you to precisely locate your misplaced key in the dark.

Why You Should Buy?  

* Durable and high-quality

* Charismatic effect

* Unique and attractive design

* It is made up of lightweight.

* Cute and perfect size


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8. Mystical Moon Lamp

    Image result for moon light Lamp gif

    Since the existence of mankind, the moon is considered a divine and enchanting symbol. This mystical lamp is realistic and will delight every one through its glow.

    Why You Should Buy?  

    • It includes a battery with a capacity of 2400 mah.
    • It provides at least 20 hours working time on full charging
    • It is best suitable for bedrooms, night lamps, and gifts.
    • Leverages cutting edge 3D printing technology which provides the sense of the real appearance of the moon
    • Can be easily installed anywhere
    • It includes a rechargeable USB port.


     Buy Here 👉  Mystical Moon Lamp


    9. LED Moon Love Lamp

      Led Love Moon Lunar Lamp

      This lunar lamp demonstrates a beautiful and romantic LED art display. This lamp will be a warm gift to your beloved ones, and your kids or beloved ones are unable to resist this charming gift.

      This lunar lamp leverages 3D printing technology to print layer by layer to give the illusion of the appearance of a real moon.

      Why You Should Buy?  

      • This includes 240 mah built-in battery
      • This lamp works 8-30 hours on full charging
      • The material used in the making of this lap is extracted from the fibrous stalk of corn which is non-toxic, odorless, and poses no threat to an environment.


        Buy Here 👉  LED Moon Love Lamp


      10. Galaxy Moon Lamp

        Image result for GALAXY MOON LAMP gif

        This moon lamp possesses a color-changing feature to illuminate any room or any place.

        It assures the eye-safety of your kid by emitting anti-blue light which doesn’t hurt the eyes of your children. 

        Very beneficial for the places where you want soft light at night, such as baby’s room, nursery, kids' room, living room, kitchen, decoration, etc.

        Why You Should Buy?  

        • It radiates a variety of vibrant colors which sounds pretty much amazing.
        • Short touch can change the color
        • Provides the flexibility to adjust the brightness


           Buy Here 👉  Galaxy Moon Lamp


        11. Moon Glow Wall Stickers

          Moon Wall stickers

          Take your room beauty to the next level by placing this lamp in it. This lamp is made up of environment-friendly, high-quality, and water-proof material.

          Why You Should Buy?    

          • Provides the user flexibility to use the diameters of their own choice 
          • Glows in the dark
          • Easy to install and use
          • Great for those who are interested in an Astrology
          • It provides 4-6 hours of working time on full charging


           Buy Here 👉 Moon Glow Wall Stickers


          12. Mystical Earth Lamp

            Image result for earth  LAMP gif

            This Earth lamp leverages the revolutionary 3D printing technology and it provides the delusion of the real appearance of earth vividly.

            This 3D Earth lamp is made up of non-toxic and environment-friendly material. 

            Why You Should Buy?  

            • It includes a rechargeable battery within it.
            • This earth lamp is extremely portable
            • It provides 8 hours working time 
            • It emits three different colors 


             Buy Here 👉  Mystical Earth Lamp


            13. Mystical Jupiter Lamp

              Image result for jupiter  LAMP gif

               Mystical Jupiter lamp is an amazing and unique gift when you are looking to give your beloved ones something different. It is also very good and decorating your home specifically in festivals.

              This Jupiter is pretty much beneficial for those who get irritated by night lamp. The light beams radiated by this lamp does not disturb your sleep.

              Why You Should Buy?  

              • Now I’ll be discussing some of the key features of this product that will insist you buy this lamp:
              • On full charging, it ensures 16 hours of battery timing.
              • The material used in the making of this product is 100% environment-friendly
              • It includes a USB portable charger within it   

              Better than 3D printed lamp because it is crafted in a very

              delicate manner using the images disclosed by NASA's satellite and the cutting

              edge 3D printing technology.


              Buy Here 👉 Mystical Jupiter Lamp


              14.  Star Moon Lights Lamp

              star moon liight


              Soft Brightness -- wanting cloud star moon marquee light, with the soft color, it is excellent to decorate as night wall girls lamp in kid's room.

              Unique Design -- The nursery night lights are cordless battery operated, safe and convenient with ON and OFF switch on the back.


               Buy Here 👉  Star Moon Lights Lamp

              15. Rattan ball lamp


              rattan moon lamp

              Round out your lighting with the rattan ball lamp. Perched on a natural wood base, the eye-catching wraparound rattan shade casts a warm ambient glow from every side, creating an interesting web of light and shadow on surrounding surfaces. 
              • This rattan lampshade table lamp features a wooden base. Perfect for the office, kids room, or college dorm! Wooden base diameter: 15 cm / 5.9 inches.(Approx.)
              • Rattan lampshade, wooden base construction. A simple, classy design that’s fit for any indoor environment, from the office to the bedroom.


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              16. 3D Print photo custom moon lamp



               Tell your loved ones that you’ll Love Them To The Moon And Back by
              customizing their photo or whatever you want to say on the moon lamp! 

               Bring this enchanting moon to your loved Friend’ room to let know you’ll Love Them To The Moon And Back! With his/her photos engraving on the moon.

               Buy Here 👉  3D Print photo custom moon lamp


              17. Space Shuttle Moon Night Light Lamp

              Get your kids to blast off into the land of nod with this night light lamp having a calming effect taking inspiration from a cartoon character.

              Leveraging innovative 3D printing technology to precisely simulate and replicate the real moon demonstrating the lunar surface to create a texture which very similar, making the moonlight lamp look incredibly realistic.

              Why Chooses it?

              • Fascinating laminating gift for occasions like birthday party, wedding anniversary, and Christmas.
              • Best kids for a life partner, kids, men, women, etc.
              • It is made up of non-toxic, durable, environment-friendly, eco-friendly, recycled, odorless, and FDA approved material.
              • It comes with a 500 mAh Lithium polymer battery.
              • Dimmable brightness
              • Different settings of LED color light make a marvelous experience and visual enjoyment.



              18. LED Unicorn Moon Night Light Lamp


              It is not only a moonlight lamp but also a gorgeous home décor. Whenever you put it within your home, it is the most eye-catching artwork.


              It is made up of resin, eco-friendly, durable, and environmentally friendly material


              Why Chooses it?

              • Adorable gift for your kid. Your child will fall in love with it in first sight
              • A perfect and unique gift for occasions like birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc.
              • Emitting bright colors and overall marvelous design grabs the people attention
              • It includes Pendulum hanging in the form of cartoon ornaments.
              • Portable and light make it suitable for home décor.


              Buy Here 👉  LED Unicorn Moon Night Light Lamp