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6 Brutally Honest Reasons to Use Hair Color wax in Summer 🌈

6 Brutally Honest Reasons to Use Hair Color wax in Summer 🌈



When I was pretty young or say in my teenage time, I can assure you that it was at least 2-3 times a month that I try new hair Dye!

As I did not really care what if it damages my hair or not, as now (I'm 35👵) I'm started to think about that for sure!

A few months back I have decided to try something better with my hair, but now I have realized, how much a hair dye can weaken your hair bladder, So I decided to get my hair stronger like never before!

As I recently got to know about hair color wax, sometimes I think about, maybe at that time when I was young and not worry about my hair & 

putting just another hair dye, besides what if the hair color wax is available at that time! 🤔


hair color wax

So now before to know how to use, let's talk about, what exactly is Color Wax?

I'll say something more natural or almost 0% ammonia and way better than the permanent hair dyes that contain almost every chemical, which can take your hair away anytime soon!

And it's not only a boring single color say, black or brown, but it's also much better than that you can try one of coolest color from purple to red to flashy red to all within a matter of few days

it's totally risk-free without any damage in your hair, besides it will give you dazzling looks ✨

So the next questionaries, there is a lot of brand in the market which brand you can choose from?

mofajung and sevich hair color wax

So as I was very particular about the brand, as I tried a different color with every brand, for a start some company brand like Mofajung, Sevich .

And if you ready to take a shot to try the hair wax, I will give some reasons to try this really out-

Well, before even I start telling you how easy is to use, I like to tell its also much easy to remove also!

Image result for How to Apply Hair Wax that Colors Hair gif

Yes, that's right, its super duper easy to put on your hair, First it's good if you use after a good wash or try the hair conditioner before for a better outcome.

For a start take some of the hair wax or I say its feel like a cream only FYI, just disburse it throughout your hair, wherever you want the hair color you want to apply

Also, if you like to be more concentration or depth, then wait for the first layer of color to dry for 10-15min before adding more. FYI,

As I know the maximum cheap color brands simply rub off while putting hair color, so better to put some plastic or rubber gloves before start applying.
Also, just see the below Gif to understand How To do it properly! 

Temporary Hair Coloring Wax – Commonlee Store

For Sure its less harmful then permanent hair.

if I want to tell you that with a real example, one of my Indian friend who used to use the same old fashioned hair color dye, as she told me that she used to got really beautiful long hair but due to very high concentrations of ammonia in permanent hair dye, now her hairstyle change from long to short hair.

So what I have learned from her experience that long term hair dye is not good for hair. so this is one of the reasons I have to choose wax.

As most of the top brands use natural ingredients like beeswax or licorice.

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silky hair color curly hair color

Also, well it does not only work well either you have silky hair or curly hair.

if you are thinking that hair color only works on one type of hair then not to worry.

as I have seen personally who have the straight hair of the side or even as the medium curly side of hair type.

Even if you have the coiled/kinky style type then it's going to make much more cooler then you can imagine, do not forget to layer before using it on this type of hairstyle.

Even you want to go from Sparky red to calm blue to Black to Off White, then Be my guess! 🧐

it's not sticky like an old hair dye, Hair wax is so dry like you feel like ash, that you won't feel the stickiness in it!

Also, Which I feel it when I was using after 3-4 days, it's better if you washed out, also if you want to mix it out with others, you really can do that! even switch it off from Blue to White to mix up and do remember to use it within a week.

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Do not forget, that it only not look cool on you but also it makes your hair much more thicket & healthier too.

if you like to what simple dye does to your hair, then color hair

the wax will make much more than that, the reason is because of the natural ingredients it has in color hair wax

To be honest with you to me, color wax is a lot like a lipstick. its something not only changes your overall personality but also creates confidence in you in a very low-maintenance way possible.

color wax is something you like do use again & again. 

Just to be as transparent as possible, to me, the wax is a lot like foundation. Some brands don’t rub off on clothes and people better than others. Also, although the wax is great on dark hair, it’s kind of hit or miss when it comes to fully covering greys.

But if you’re looking for a way to drastically change your hair in  (one of) the most low-maintenance ways possible, hair color wax is a (relatively) affordable way to do it—over and over and over again. As regularly as you feel like using it!



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