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Top Simple Hacks To Use Hair Color Wax Dye in 2020

Top Simple Hacks To Use Hair Color Wax Dye in 2020

Well, they're always a moment that you got bored with your hair color & you want to change the look, then Hair color wax is one of solution that everyone trying these days.

Hair color wax is very easy and fun to use and provides an eye-catching and attention-grabbing look and feel to your hair.

It’s a definite keeper in your hair product arsenal.

Perfect for Daily use, festival, Events, Clubbing, Raves, Halloween, and Fancy dress.


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Hair color wax dye is highly effective and less sticky.

It provides your hair following long-lasting benefits.

• Charming Glow

• Rapid Dyeing

• Nourishing Hair.


Hair color wax dye works best on dark hair, such as black, brownish, blonde hair.

It’s extremely simple to dye and easy to wash. Besides, being very simple for use

it is also very strong and non-sticky.


  • 🎨 Get daily hair color updated
  • ⏰ Apply in minutes
  • 🌵 100% natural
  • 🚫 No bleach
  • 💦 Remove with one wash


It possesses a very nice fragrance and you going to fall in love with it.

When you are applying it to your hair it starts with fairly wet, then it becomes dull and flat and then within a few minutes it sets itself.

Possess no threat to a hair health

It comprises of 100% natural ingredient that’s why it isn’t pernicious for hair health.

This product is extremely safer to use and provides you the best return for your money.

Chemical Composition of Hair color Wax Dye

1. Water

2. Bee wax

3. Castor oil

4. Titanium oxide

5.  PVP/VA propionate copolymer

6. Stearic acid

7. Tea extract

8.  Cetearyl alcohol

9.  Carnauba wax

10. Licorice& glycyrrhiza uralensis extract


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How to Apply Hair Wax that Colors Hair

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Now I’ll be describing the step by step process of applying the temporary hair color changing wax.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll describe this whole process in multiple steps.


1. First, wash your hair and dry it completely

2. Take an appropriate amount of wax from the bottle into the palm of your hand.

3. Use your fingers to apply the product to the scalp of your head. Repeat this process several times so you fully enjoy the full benefit of this product.

4. Apply to the particular section which you want to highlight specific and if you want to color all your hairs then apply it to your head thoroughly

5. When you want to finish the effect of this product just wash your head with the warm water.


Color Changing Hair Wax

Whether you are going to a fun party or to any other place to have some fun, this product is phenomenal.

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Besides providing a temporary hair color, this product also acts as a great way to style and mold your hair in the desired way.


Ingredients of the Hair Wax that Changes the Hair Color

ingredients Hair Wax

This astonishing and phenomenal product consists of the following products:

•            Water

•            Beeswax

•            Stearic acid

•            Peg-60 castor oil

•            Titanium oxide

•            Copernicia cerifera wax

•            Cetearyl alcohol

•            PVP/VA propylene acrylate copolymer


 Buying wax Hair Dye

 Hair Color Wax

You might be ignited by the question where can I buy this amazing product so the answer lies below

Some peoples want to change their hair color on a day to day basis and want their hair to be looked amazing. 

Luckily there exists a product which makes it possible for them to fulfill their dream and the name of this phenomenal product is hair paint wax.

It might sound a bit overwhelming and unbelievable for someone that how it could be possible for someone to change his/her hair color regularly without facing any hurdle, but in reality, hair paint wax is incredibly easy to apply on your hairs and remove it whenever you want.

Furthermore, it doesn’t pose any threat to your hair.

It is highly compatible with curly, kinky, and oily texture hairs. Colors may vary from person to person depending on hair textures and current hair color.

Hair paint wax offers a variety of colors to choose from.


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Hair Paint Wax Ingredients

Here is a full list of ingredients of Hair paint wax: water, carnauba wax, beeswax, Cetearyl alcohol, licorice, tea extract, titanium oxide, uralensis extract, titanium oxide, ethoxylated, and PVP/VA propionale copolymer.

Hair Paint Wax Colors

Hair paint wax bundle comprises of seven colors that include Red, Purple, Blue, Gold, Green, Silver, and White.

Hair Paint Wax Reviews

hair color wax reviews

One of the buyer and user of hair paint wax expressed her views about this astonishing product, She asserted:

“I tried hair paint wax on my natural hair and the results are quite amazing.

This product is a solution to those who are a willingness to change their hair maybe for the party or drama short and don’t want to completely dye their color.

Hair paint wax provides a water-based solution.”

Another buyer expresses his experience with this product by saying”

“I tried this product to see how close I could get to my previous hair color.

hair color reviews storefyi

I am recently working with a brand and they insist me to change my hair color to black so to fulfill their requirement I rinse a black color on my hair.”

The reason for choosing this product over the dying is that it’s very simple to vanish it I just have to wash my hair completely.

Both colors which I received from the company have a creamy smell. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the smell. It was an amazing smell.

One thing that should be taken into consideration here is that the product is very thick. It did weigh my curls down and it sounds a bit obnoxious to me too.

To overcome the impact of thickness, it is generally regarded as a good practice to pour some water into it but it may result in color pigmentation.

 Buy It Here 👉  Hair Color Wax



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