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Top 5 Reasons That Make A Mini Projector the Coolest Buy During Lockdown! 🔐

Top 5 Reasons That Make A Mini Projector the Coolest Buy During Lockdown! 🔐

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You--and much of the world--are probably in some form of shelter in place, quarantine or lockdown due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

One of the best ways to keep your mind sane during these times of social distancing is to stay entertained.


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And I have just the perfect hack to take your entertainment to the next level.

A mini portable projector or a pocket projector is a small, compact, and portable device that projects videos on to a wall, ceiling, or just about any flat surface!

Here are 5 reasons that make it a mini led projector is a great buy!

Bring home a movie theatre experience With high risks of contracting the coronavirus from crowded areas such as movie theatres, the safest and most convenient way to catch a movie on the big screen is by using a mini projector!

The device is ideal for use at home in dark conditions. Just turn off the lights, pull down your curtains and snuggle into bed to catch your favorite movie or TV show on Netflix or Prime or any other streaming platform like YouTube.

The projector can easily be plugged into an iPhone, laptop,
Appletv, Amazon Firestick, and even your video game console with an HDMI or USB cable.


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Stream a concert, opera or workout tutorial To encourage people to stay at home artists such as Pink, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Keith Urban, John Legend, and many others are streaming live concerts on Instagram.

Make the best of these times with your mini projector! Or use it to stay in shape by streaming the best of YouTube home workouts.


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You can even use it to play video games for a the life-like experience!
Watch anywhere Due to its compact size and portable nature, a mini projector can be used just about anywhere!

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So you can use it in your living room, any of your bedrooms, your basement or garage, just about anywhere that has a blank wall! You can carry your projector along on your camping trips or even when you’re partying or sleeping over with friends—its sure to up your cool quotient!

Projectors are great for eye comfort Unlike TVs that emit light, projectors reflect light, making their projected videos less straining on the eyes.

Projectors are also used to project bigger screens which make for easier
viewing and less strain!

Also, do you know Watching a movie in a theater is so expensive right now, prices are at an all-time high! 

You not only going to pay for the tickets! Also, you have to pay for food, gas, parking, and much more

You know by the time you leave, your wallet might be empty!
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This is especially great if you have children that spend large amounts of time
hooked to a TV or mobile screen.

Save a ton of money and free up space in your room With a mini projector, you don’t need a TV, and a cable box and table to go with it!

You can now watch your favorite movies and TV shows in any room of your choice on any wall, even the ceiling!

All in all, mini projectors offer great value and make for a fantastic buy you won’t regret!