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Top 4 Cool Car Accessories That Make Big Difference

Top 4 Cool Car Accessories That Make Big Difference

If you got a new car and want to spice it up, you may be wondering what accessories can I buy for my car? Because there're many cool car accessories for the interior of your car, I'll pick the best for you.

Make It Bling With Steering Wheel Cover

Swarovski Popular Crystal Car Steering Wheel Cover

One of the best accessories to add to a car because it creates a personalized feel instantly. If you look around, you'll see most cars don't have a unique steering wheel cover. They all look the same. Make it feel like it's truly yours.

You don't want a gadget-laden interior, at the same time, you want to add a luxurious touch to your car. The solution? Crystal steering wheel cover to strike the perfect balance.

Is Your New Car Smell Killing You?

Do you love the smell of your new car or does it make you feel nauseous? According to, a cocktail of deadly chemicals is the reason for that "new car smell."

Image result for Car Humidifier GIF

You'll spend a lot of time in your car, so you'll expose your health to these harmful chemicals especially on hot days. If you're serious about the indoor air quality of your car, do something about it now.

Your car will need a lot of ventilation, but that isn't practical. You can't keep your car open 24/7.

You can install a filtering system if your car doesn't come with one.

Or you can get a car humidifier, which will purify the air inside your car. And replace that toxic smell with an aromatic fragrant.

This isn't a car accessory, it's essential. And you must keep using it even when the bad smell goes away.

Car Paint Repair For A Fresh Car Look

There's a circulating myth that says dirty cars use less fuel than clean cars. Of course, that's not true. In fact, dirt particles slow down your car and cause it to consume 10% more fuel than usual.

Image result for Car Paint Repair Fluid Multifunction Scratch remover gif

Always make sure your car is clean, inside, and out. This will reflect on how people perceive you personally.

If you have any scratches or dents on the body of your car, use a car paint repair to remedy it. On the spot.

It takes a few minutes and gives sure-fire results.

Don't wait until somebody makes a needless comment.

This car accessory will save your face, and it'll become handy if you keep it in your compartment.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain Due To Driving

Driving for long distances is a pain in the back. You sit in the same position for a long time. Finally, when you arrive, you barely can walk out of the car.

You have raging back pain. Why?

You didn't use a seat cushion.

360° Easy Rotating Car Seat Cushion | Storefyi™

A simple hack that can save you from a lot of pain.

Seat cushions are also comfortable for elderly passengers as it makes it easy to get in and out of the car.

Even if you only need a better driving experience and view, this car accessory will help.

Thank you

Yes, thank you for reading this far.

I've presented you with some of the useful car accessories today for your new car. Now, go get them, tiger. I highly recommend that car humidifier for your car. It'll help you clear the air.

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